What is PENPAL SPORTS?

    A return to a simpler time… an era where rival fans couldn’t hide behind their keyboards.

    If you wanted to talk trash about the Cowboys you had to draft a letter and figure out

    how much postage you needed to mail it.



    Well… maybe that era never really existed. But it sure would be fun if it did.

    That’s the idea behind Pen Pal Sports.

  • How It Works


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    Have a Cowboys fan in your life? Sign them up to receive a curated newsletter dedicated entirely to their team’s missteps. Critical draft reviews. Reminders of historic ineptitude. Trades that didn’t pan out. It's all there and deserves a longform examination.


    Sit back and relax

    We can’t promise they’ll look forward to receiving these letters. But they’ll read them. And they’ll seethe. But also laugh. And mostly wonder who they hell keeps sending them this sh*t.

  • Pricing

    Choose the plan that is right for your biggest rival.

    2 Newsletters / Year

    Give 'em just a periodic reminder or their failures.


    • Season Preview
    • Season in Review

    4 Newsletters / Year

    Thorough consistent longform trolling at its finest.


    • Season Preview
    • Mid-season Report
    • Season in Review
    • Draft Review
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  • FAQs

    A little more detail about the service. If your question isn't answered here just send us an email.

    Can I see a sample newsletter?

    Yes! Click here to see a recent newsletter that was delivered to hundreds of unsuspecting Cowboys fans.

    How often are newsletters sent?

    Depending on the plan you select, newsletters are delivered up to four times per year.

    Is it anonymous?

    That’s up to you. If you’d like your rival to know which of their “friends” signed them up for Penpal Sports, we will include your name. If, however, you’d prefer your rival just shake their fist angrily at the sky when a newsletter arrives… we’ll keep it anonymous.

    Can recipients contact me?

    Not directly. Recipients will have the option to send a message to Penpal Sports, which will then be relayed to you.

    Can I sign up to receive the newsletters myself?

    You certainly can, if you’re in the mood to be shamed for your fandom. You will also be able to view electronic copies of any newsletter that you sign up a rival to receive.

    Do you mail internationally?

    Currently delivering to the U.S. and Canada only.

    What is the cancellation policy?

    Cancel anytime and the newsletters will stop. The Cowboys, however, will always be terrible.

    Why the Cowboys?

    Because they are just the worst! And you have to start somewhere. More of your least favorite teams from the NFL, NBA and MLB are being added as we speak.